Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awareness and Lessons

Hello Everyone!!! I Lost another 2.4lbs, this week!!!!!

I have a philosophy I have learned to live by, if I hear something once I pass it by, if I hear it twice, I pay attention, If I hear it 3 times, I really pay attention. This week I heard about a book, OK big surprise it was on Oprah, but being as though I work til 5pm I am not an avid follower of Oprah. So the 1st place I heard about the book was from a friend on facebook. The second random person who told be about this book, was my mother, and the 3rd person was one of my spiritual teachers. All within 24hours. So I took notice and I listened. The book I am speaking about is, Woman, Food and God by Gineen Roth. Her philosophy is that our eating habits are directly related to old patterns we have devoloped unresolved emotions, the stuff below the surface. So I bought the book.

She talks about choosing to lose weight and going through the motions only to gain the weight back again and again or choosing to lose the weight and facing the reasons you gained the weight in the 1st place. This is what I am choosing to do now. Loose the weight and learn to understand what makes me eat. Fear, boredom, lonliness, excitement, connection, anger, a feeling of isolation, when I am am not heard. I had a conversation with someone the other day, on a day when I knew I needed to talk, I needed to share a little bit of my story. As I spoke with this person, she asked me how much weight I lost this week, and I answered, then without even hearing me, she dove into her story, her struggle her stuff. As I stood back and observed this scene I was living, I realized a very blessed lesson in my life. Sometimes I eat, or want to eat when I don't feel heard. Sometimes when I have chosen someone to listen to, who isn't in a place to listen, I may get mad, or upset or sad or feel rejected, and to deal with those feelings, I learned to eat. This time was different, I felt my anger and my frustration for most of the day, but I stuck to my plan, I didn't eat something for the sake of eating, I felt my frustration, I acknowledged my frustration, and kept going. I did drink a lot of water that day. A step on my path towards a healthier life. Awareness of my Spirit. Awareness of my Soul, and how it connects with my body, and mind. How one simple repeated pattern or received replayed message can cause me or us to dive into a past pattern of action. So now I am thankful, that this person was sent into my world to not listen to me so I could see this very important part of myself.

One of the lessons I have been able to learn at a very early age, is to look at all situations, all events as a lesson to assist in my own personal growth, my life lessons. Sometimes it a lesson, and sometimes it's a test to see how well we learned the lesson. It's not always easy but when choosing to learn the lesson, and learning the lesson, the transformations of self leave an amazing feeling.

So thank you for listening, until next time...

Have Beautiful Days!

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