Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Follow Through....

Sitting down here tonight, I realize I never know what I am going to write until I sit down and start to type. Thank you all for your loving support and encouraging words. Some of you know this, but to other's I am very excited to once again share, that on Monday morning, my intention, an intention I have had for a very long time now actually happened. I am so delighted with myself I am still riding on the glory of my achievement. My intention was to get up and walk before work, I wanted to walk 2 miles, and on Monday morning at 6am, I was up, out of bed and on the walking path.

Follow Through! Follow through has been my mantra for this past week. Setting a goal and sticking to it, then following through with my intention and setting other goals to keep the flow steady and keep the river of my dreams moving.

When I look back, I think of the times I chose not to follow through with something, or I allowed someone else's words to "rent space in my head" choosing to change my intentions or my actions to better "fit in". It's amazing that I still see parts of this lesson at 37 years old, sometimes the lessons learned as a child follow us through our entire lives before we wake up to the realization, we can choose another way of thinking. That is what I am doing during this transition in my life, and now at least with todays post, telling my story about choosing me over choosing to fit in.

I think about my dear friend who had gastic bypass surgery, in talking to her after the surgery, she spoke about having to face her food issues, and physically not being able to choose to stress eat. On my journey, I am facing my stress eating issues, looking at them, identifying them and choosing to think, what else can I do instead of put this XYZ in my body. It's an amazing realization when something as simple as hanging out with friends turns into food fest 2010. When all I really wanted to do, was to connect with my friends and find out what's going on in their world.

What a wonderful journey this has become, I am grateful to be able to share my story.

Much love to all.

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