Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Journey to a Mini Me

Hello, and Welcome to my blog. I have never done this before, but figured now is as good a time as any to do something that scares me. Someone famous once said, "Do something everyday that scares you..." I believe this, and I believe in pushing the envelope. I started this journey to Mini Me about 9 months ago. At the time I was at a weight higher than I had ever been before, completely out of shape to the point that I couldn't even walk the length of the boardwalk in Virginia Beach without having to sit down or get winded. I was trying to control something I wanted that was out of my control. When I realized this, when I realized the only person who has control over what I wanted was God, I started thinking, what could I do, what can I control in my life that will help me feel better and help me change my focus. That's when I started, about a week after my beach vacation, I joined Weight Watchers with my husband, we started to exercise more, and now I am 58lbs lighter.

I still have a way to go, and already I am feeling the effects of my choices. My friend recently started a blog, and that's when the idea was 1st born in my mind, to share my journey with anyone who cares to listen. The support I have recieved so far from my friends and family has been amazing, not to mention the support from my fellow losers at my weekly meetings.

Along this journey, I have learned so many things about myself, I have had ah ha moments that have transformed and changed me, I have had breakdowns and breakthroughs, faced old habits and caved, faced old habits and succeeded. I have learned the power a donut has over me and the simple act of eating one can cause me to bing all day long, I have learned to say goodbye to the donut. LOL.

Each week when I face the scale, a simple mantra comes to my mind, "I have done everything I can, and my body will lose what it's ready to lose" ....

This weight loss journey has taught me about self forgiveness, loving the person I started at 60lbs ago and admiring her for facing her fears and doing what she had to do to face all odds.
Forgiveness when I step on the scale and stay the same or gain a little, because of the food choice I made during the week.

It's also taught me to appreciate the successes along the way, all the successes, every lb down and every size smaller. Doing a 5k on the elliptical trainer for the 1st time ever, wanting to go to the gym and enjoying the adrenaline that comes along with it.

I want to share what's in my heart,
I want to share what's on my mind,
I hope to encourage,
I hope to inspire,
I ask for compassion, and love and support.

Once again, Welcome to my blog, and Thanks for joining me.

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  1. Just say NO TO THE DONUT!!! my new mantra! I love you and support you through all of your journey's!! xoxo